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Tired of finding pet hair all over your clothes and linens?

Our Reusable Pet Hair Remover for Washer and Dryer is the ultimate solution! This innovative tool is designed to effortlessly capture and eliminate pet hair during the washing and drying process. It's eco-friendly, hassle-free, and incredibly effective. Say goodbye to those pesky pet hairs on your fabrics and hello to a cleaner, fur-free life.

Make laundry easier and keep your home looking pristine. Don't wait any longer, invest in the Reusable Pet Hair Remover today and enjoy a pet hair-free wardrobe! Your clothes and linens will thank you.



Brand Name: Kew Haus
Material: Plastic
Usage: Pets
Production: Lint Sticking Roller

A group -Thin- product information:
Product gross weight: 64g(Four pack a group)
Thickness: 0.75mm
Size: Width 7cm

A group-Thick - product information:
Thickness: 1.2cm
Size: Width 8.5cm
Packing list: Pet hair remover for clothes
Name: Sticky Hairball Washing Machine Hair Remover
Material: viscose fiber
Colour: yellow / green Random circle or cat's paw shape
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Style: Manual

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[Safe and Reusable] Made of 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic material, our pet hair remover is viscous and elastic. It can be reused, not easy to deform or damage, and is very practical.

[Easy to use and clean] It can also be used for hair attached directly to clothes/sofa. Rinse with water after use and wipe dry for next use.

[Widely used] Suitable for people with pets, can easily remove pet hair from clothes, sofas and blankets. It is also easy to remove hair, dust and dirt from clothes.

[Principle of operation] The product is made of polyurethane, which is very soft and viscous, and can easily remove pet hair from clothes.

[Easy to Use] You just need to put it in the washing machine or dryer, and the rest of the work will be handed over to our washing machine cleaning tool with hair glue attachment.

[Pet Hair Remover for Washing Pet Hair Catcher Cleaning Ball for Dog Hair, Cat Hair and Pet Hair Remover for All Pet Washing Machines]

It's made of a very soft, sticky, and soft material that can grab a dog's or car's skin and hair, pull it off clothing, and flush it down the drain or into a cotton collector. It is very sticky, very flexible and sticky enough to stick to skin, hair, dust and dirt. The action of the washer and dryer helps stick to the skin when falling.


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Raymond Lawson

Duzhe tsikava, yak PID hour prannya clean up from the people of the head and T wool) I recommend

Calvin Sims

The product is fully consistent with the description

Emmett Hughes

As the description, I still don't try them, they took a while but they arrived: D

Scott Henderson

Perfect with the product description and arrived very quickly before the indicated date

Eva Alexander

Chudova piece, first photo with a great car, a friend on a dry kittens of a video. Shvidka and delivery!

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