Kitchen Utensils List: Find Out Which Items Are Essential

Are you moving to a new house? So the list of kitchen utensils cannot be missing from your planning.

Making a list of kitchen utensils makes it easier for you not to forget to buy essential items to use on a daily basis. It is the guarantee that you will have a complete kitchen, even if it is a compact kitchen, to prepare different recipes and keep the environment impeccable.

To help you, we have put together a general list of utensils for your kitchen. Check out and buy the essential utensils for your complete kitchen. Look!


How important is the list of kitchen utensils?

A functional kitchen needs to be well equipped to make your routine more practical and, consequently, food preparation faster and simpler.

Even with the basics at hand, you will always notice the lack of an item that will make all the difference when preparing a dish or even welcoming a guest with incredible table items.

You can buy these items little by little, as the need arises, or be inspired by the list of kitchen utensils to have a complete kitchen as soon as you move into your new house.


General list of utensils for your kitchen

To make it easier to organize your list of simple kitchen utensils, we will separate the list into 5 categories. Being them:

* Basic utensils in rose gold color;

* Home appliances;

* Table set;

* Textiles;

* Cleaning and organizing the kitchen;


List of basic kitchen utensils

We have put together a list of simple kitchen utensils that are essential for your routine. Note that we are not going to talk about quantities because this varies according to your routine.

* Set of pans;

* Pressure cooker;

* Non-stick frying pan;

* Pan rest;

* Cutlery;

* Meat cutting board (wooden or glass);

* Gauge set;

* Fouet;

* Corkscrew;

* Can and bottle opener;

* Scissors;

* Grater;

* Funnel;

* Milkmaid;

* Coffee strainer;

* Kettle;

* Colander;

* Ice forms;

* Skimmer;

* Set of knives for cutting meat, vegetables and bread;

* Set of molds and baking trays (round, rectangular or varied);

* Shape with hole in the middle;

* Garlic press;

* Sieves;

* Wooden or silicone spoon;

* Roller for rolling out dough;

* Shells;

* Fork for preparing food;

* Potholders;

* Pizza cutter;

* Casserole;

* Meat beater;

* Noodle holder;

* Salad topper;

* Ice cream spoon;

* Pylon;

* Sugar bowl;

* Silicone brush;

Pans are the most expensive items on the list of simple kitchen utensils. The material and quantity of pans in the game also affect the price, so look for sets that meet your needs.

Our tip is to avoid aluminum pan sets, as the material contaminates the food. Ceramic  pans are the safest and safest to use.

List of kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances go beyond the stove and refrigerator. Some small appliances make it much easier to prepare food. Check out:

* Mixer;

* Blender;

* Microwave;

* Food processor;

* Electric pan;

* Toaster;

* Coffee machine;

* Kitchen scale;

* Mixer;

* Grill or sandwich maker;

* Juicer;

* Electric oven;

* Electric fryer without oil;

Special tip: buy small appliances from your general list of kitchen utensils in the same colors. This makes the kitchen more organized and beautiful. If you buy a black blender, look for mixers and air fryers in the same shade. It is worth it!


List of utensils for serving food

The ideal is to buy the items on this list according to the number of people living in your house. But be sure to add extra plates and cutlery for when you welcome friends and family.

* Trays;

* Spatulas;

* Glass bottle for water;

* Thermos bottle for coffee;

* Cold door;

* Juice jugs;

* Napkin holder;

* Salad bowl;

* Assorted bowls;

* Deep dishes;

* Shallow dishes;

* Dessert dishes;

* Cups;

* Glass of wine;

* Water glasses;

* Cups;

* Cutlery;


List of textile kitchen utensils

Textile utensils are perfect for decorating your dining table. You can buy some of them for everyday use and have more chic models for special occasions.

* Kitchen rug set;

* Tablecloths;

* American games;

* Aprons.

* Dish towels;

* Fabric napkin.


List of utensils to organize and clean the kitchen

There's nothing better than walking into a clean and organized kitchen, don't you think? And to achieve this, you can buy some items from this professional kitchen utensils list.

* Glass pots;

* Plastic pots;

* Seasoning pots;

* Drainer crockery;

* Absorbent mat;

* Support for cleaning items, such as detergent and sponge;

* Bin;

* Wheel;

* Kitchen sink cloths;

You can buy labels to identify the spices in glass jars. Additionally, hooks and wire supports are excellent for organizing items in the kitchen.


Did you like the tips for having a professional kitchen utensil list?

You can take our suggestions and adapt them to a list that is perfect for your routine.

Remember that the items we mention here can also be part of the bridal shower or new house shower list.

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