Lintfree™ Reusable Clothes Lint Remover Ball Roller

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Discover the revolution in lint removal with the Lintfree™ Reusable Clothes Lint Remover Ball Roller!

Goodbye, unwanted lint, and hello to flawless clothes in seconds. This innovative lint remover is the ultimate solution to keep your clothes free from annoying fuzz. With reusable technology, save money and help the environment. Simply glide the roller gently over your clothes, and watch the lint disappear like magic.

Compact, portable, and effective, this is a must-have for those who value impeccable presentation.

Invest in perfection and say goodbye to lint with Lintfree™!
Transform your clothing care routine now!

Benefits of Lintfree™ Reusable Clothes Lint Remover Ball Roller:

Economical and Sustainable:
Save money on frequent disposable product replacements.
Contribute to environmental preservation by reducing waste.

Unbeatable Efficiency:
Quickly and effectively removes lint and fuzz.
Keep your clothes looking impeccable at all times.

Versatility and Portability:
Perfect for home use or travel, ensuring your clothes stay flawless anywhere.
Adapts to a variety of fabrics, from delicate to robust garments.

Examples of Use:

Everyday Clothing:
Before an important meeting or appointment, use Lintfree™ to ensure your outfit is flawless.
Keep work or school uniforms lint-free, promoting a professional and well-groomed appearance.

Party and Special Event Clothing:
When preparing for special events like weddings or parties, use Lintfree™ to ensure your attire is perfect.
Ideal for removing lint from elegant dresses, suits, and party clothes before important moments.

Travel and Emergencies:
Keep Lintfree™ in your bag during travels to ensure your clothes stay impeccable even away from home.
In emergency situations, such as last-minute meetings, rely on Lintfree™ for a quick wardrobe update.



Brand Name: Lintfree™
Color: White gold / Pink gold / Green gold / Deep pink gold
Material: ABS + Polyurethane
Usage: Cleaning
Style: Manual
Size: 6.8*6.8 cm/2.7*2.7in
Due to manual measurement, please allow a 0.5-1 inch error


1. ABS Material: The hair removal balls are made of high-quality ABS, which is reusable and friendly to skin and fabric.

2. Design: The hair removal ball is equipped with a handle, easy to open and close, convenient to use.

3. Easy to Carry: The hair removal balls are exquisite and small, and can be easily put into pockets, suitcases, and bags for use anytime and anywhere.

4. Easy to Clean: When you need to clean, you can take off the transparent body, just rinse under the running water.

5. Multipurpose: The hair removal ball can easily remove pet hair and debris from clothes, tables, sofas, sheets and carpets, etc.


Due to the different computer display colors, the physical color may be slightly different from the above pictures, thank you for your understanding.


Package include:

*1 Lintfree™ Reusable Clothes Lint Remover Ball Roller

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Cordelia Barton

I liked it, but I didn't. I thought I took out more fur

Alaina Blick

I arrive earlier than stipulated, it is wonderful, imagine it would be smaller but it is perfect to carry in my bag, I have many pets and it has made life completely easier for me, no need to buy spare parts, I'm fascinated by that

Edward Dare

Good quality something small but acceptable. You still don't check if it works. Well packed, I arrive quickly.

Amy Murray

Hair very well

Elsie McGlynn

The materials are of quality, only get dirty fast and stop cleaning

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