Funtoypets™ Smart Sensing Interactive Pet Toy

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Discover a new world of fun for your pet with Funtoypets™ Smart Sensing Interactive Pet Toy!

These innovative toys go beyond entertainment, providing essential benefits for your furry companion's health and happiness. Firstly, smart detection technology keeps your pet active, stimulating daily physical exercise and preventing sedentary behavior.

Moreover, interactivity promotes a healthy mind, warding off boredom and strengthening emotional bonds. Finally, exceptional durability ensures endless hours of worry-free play. Invest in your pet's well-being with Funtoypets™ - the revolution of interactive toys that will transform your beloved four-legged friend's life!



Brand Name: Funtoypets™
Toy Type: Induction toy snake
Is Smart Device: YES
Material: ABS Plastic + Eletronic components
Size: 39cm x 4cm


Ignite Joy with Our Exclusive Interactive Toy!

Explore a new level of fun for your pet with our amazing Smart Sensing Interactive Pet Toy! This technological marvel offers the perfect combination of movement and interactivity, ensuring that your adorable furry friend experiences the thrill of the hunt, all within the safety of home. Get ready for endless moments of entertainment!

Overcome Obstacles with Ease!

Our snake is more than just a toy - it's a master at avoiding obstacles! With the ability to invert and navigate effortlessly, it shuts off automatically and reactivates with a tap on the head, providing an experience so easy to use that even your pet will be impressed. Fun is guaranteed in an intuitive and hassle-free manner!

Recharge in the Blink of an Eye!

Don't waste time waiting! Quickly recharge the snake's energy by conveniently connecting it to a power source through the included USB cable. A straightforward recharge ensures that the fun continues without interruptions. Be always ready to provide your pet with moments of pure joy!


Indestructible and Agile like a Champion!

Our snake is built to withstand the strongest hits from your pet's paws. Agile like a true champion, it glides smoothly, evades attacks, and masters flat surfaces with unparalleled dexterity. Invest in durability and endless fun - your pet deserves the best!

Transform your pet's playtime with our smart snake toy. Place your order now and provide a unique and engaging experience for your beloved companion

Package include:

* 1. Funtoypets™ Smart Sensing Interactive Pet Toy
* 1. USB Charging Cable


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Customer Reviews

Based on 283 reviews
Samantha Lynch

works, but my cat not playing

Ralph Gardner

There is a sensor, so when you encounter an obstacle, you reverse, then change your direction and advance again, I don't know the durability, but it seems to be okay.

Emmett Gordon

Great cat toy, although my 3 kitties like to watch it roam all over the house. Fun to scare guest when yhey come iver.

Harrison Watson

My cats love this. I've recommended this to some friends.

Amanda Barnett

It seems real, it's even scary. The cat hasn't tried it yet

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