Kewet™ Bluetooth Fragrance Diffuser for Business or Home

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Transform your surroundings with the Kewet™ Bluetooth Fragrance Diffuser, the perfect choice for business or home.

Experience an olfactory revolution where Bluetooth technology merges with aromatherapy, creating a haven of well-being. This sophisticated and modern fragrance diffuser offers a unique way to personalize your space, leaving a lasting impression.


Easily control the fragrances directly from your smartphone, adapting the environment to your mood or event. With a wide range of premium scents available, the Kewet™ allows you to create memorable sensory experiences. Whether impressing clients in a business setting or unwinding at home, this diffuser is the key to a welcoming and captivating atmosphere.

The energy efficiency of Kewet™ ensures long-lasting performance, while its elegant design adds a touch of class to any space. Become the master of your environment, enveloping yourself in fragrances that uplift your spirit. Get the Kewet™ Bluetooth Fragrance Diffuser now and discover how to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, where every breath is a unique experience.



Benefits of the Kewet™ Bluetooth Fragrance Diffuser:

Exclusive Customization: Instantly adapt the aroma of the environment to your preferences by remotely controlling fragrances through your smartphone. Whether creating a relaxing atmosphere at home or a welcoming reception in the office, customization is at your fingertips.

Long-lasting Energy Efficiency: With advanced technology, the Kewet™ ensures energy efficiency, providing consistent performance over time. Enjoy immersive fragrances without worrying about high energy costs.

Memorable Sensory Experiences: Choose from a wide variety of premium scents to create unique sensory experiences. From business meetings to relaxing moments at home, the Kewet™ elevates the environment, leaving an unforgettable mark.


Examples of Use:

Corporate Offices: Impressive for meetings and receptions, the Kewet™ offers a welcoming and professional aura. Customize the aroma to match the company's identity, creating a pleasant environment for clients and employees.

Relaxing Residential Environment: Upon returning home, transform your space into a relaxing haven. Program the Kewet™ to release soothing fragrances and create an atmosphere of serenity after a hectic day.

Special Events: Make any event memorable by adjusting fragrances according to the theme. Whether it's an elegant dinner, a themed party, or an intimate celebration, the Kewet™ adds a unique sensory dimension to the experience.




Brand: Kewet™
Product: Smart Diffuser
Colors: White, Black
Material: PP material
Size: 173mm*72mm*220mm
Voltage: 12V
Power: 8-9W
Fuel Consumption: 0.75/h±5%
Built-in Capacity: 160ml
Weight: 0.79kg
Scope of Application: 100-300m³
Noise: <35dba
Installation Method: Flat, Wall hanging
Certification: CE, DOT, EAC, EPA, FCC, GMP, ROHS, TGA, UL, KC, PSE, WEEE


The package does not contain essential oils.


Package include:

*1 Kewet™ Bluetooth Fragrance Diffuser for Business or Home

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Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Hilda Goyette

Very good, I recommend.

Carlee Marks


Zane Schaden

Excellent product!

Jordan Torphy

Ours! I loved! Arrived very fast, this I live in the interior of Ms!

Olen Vandervort


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