Klume™ Vintage Industrial Style Rechargeable LED Table Lamp with Dimming Touch

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Illuminate your life with the sophistication of the Klume™ Vintage Industrial Style Rechargeable LED Table Lamp.

This stylish piece blends vintage charm with modern practicality, offering soft and adjustable lighting at the touch of your fingertips.

The rechargeable battery provides the freedom to move without compromising on aesthetics. Its industrial design adds personality to any space, standing out as a unique and functional piece. The touch dimming technology allows you to adjust the light intensity according to your mood or needs.

Acquire the Klume ™ to elevate the style and lighting of your spaces, creating a warm and elegant atmosphere. Transform your environment with the timeless beauty of this item that seamlessly combines the past and present.

Benefits of Klume ™ Vintage Industrial Style Rechargeable LED Table Lamp:

Customized Lighting:
Description: Adjust the light intensity with a touch, providing anything from a relaxing ambiance to bright illumination for specific tasks.
Benefit: Adapts to different needs, creating the desired atmosphere at any moment.

Uncompromised Mobility:
Description: Equipped with a rechargeable battery, Klume™ offers freedom of movement without the need for cords, providing flexibility in arranging the space.
Benefit: Ideal for dynamic commercial spaces where furniture and lighting layouts may change frequently.

Timeless Industrial Style:
Description: Klume™'s vintage industrial design not only illuminates but also adds an elegant and personalized touch to the environment.
Benefit: A unique decorative piece that complements various decor styles.

Usage Examples:

Modern Offices:
Scenario: Dynamic work environment.
Usage: Place Klume™ on office desks to allow employees to adjust the lighting according to tasks, promoting productivity and comfort.

Cafés and Bistros:
Scenario: Cozy social space.
Usage: Use Klume™ on café tables or in reading areas, providing customers with the option to create a welcoming atmosphere for gatherings or relaxation.

Events and Trade Shows:
Scenario: Commercial booth or exhibition space.
Usage: Highlight products or create an inviting atmosphere at events using Klume™ to illuminate and add a stylish touch to the exhibition space.


Brand Name: Klume™
Material: Stainless Steel Cage, Zinc Alloy (Chrome Plating), Crystal Glass, ABS, Silicon Rubber
Body Color: Black, Silver, Gold
Size: 9×17.5cm / 3.6×6.9in
Weight: 0.65kg / 1.43lb
Color: Gold, Silver, Black
Waterproof Performance: IP65
Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch
Color Temperature: 1900-2400K
Dimming: 3 stages
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Certification: CE
Certification: CCC
Power Supply: USB rechargeable
Lighting Time: LOW / 200 hours, MID / 100 hours, HIGH / 50 hours
Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.6V / 5200mA
Power Source: AC
Voltage: 5V

Package Includes:
* 1. Klume ™ Vintage Industrial Style Rechargeable LED Table Lamp with Dimming Touch
* 1. USB Charging Cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Coby Conn

Product according to the description. Beautiful finish. To see over time

Nick Leuschke

Super God lamp

Otha Corkery

Good lamp. Nice light color and switch works flawlessly

Alverta Reichert

Very pretty lamp, according to the description.
I recommend this article.

Chyna Johns

Nice lamp, these are great for moving around the house.

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